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The Garfield Heights Hotel Association, a member of the American Hotel and Lodging Association of Ohio, is the largest hotel association in Cleveland.

The Magnificent Mile is also home to many of Cleveland's most popular restaurants, bars and hotels, and includes attractions such as the Magnificence Mile. Built in 1982 and completely renovated in 2003, it offers a variety of amenities including a fitness centre, spa, gym, gym, pool and fitness facilities, as well as an outdoor terrace.

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The Magnificent Mile is populated by many of the world's leading retail stores, including Macy's, Nordstrom, Sears, Kmart, Macy's and many others. s largest banks are also present, such as LaSalle Bank and Harris Bank (# 21), which are technically across the street from the Magnitude Mile.

In recent years, trees and flowers have been added to the Magnificent Mile - filled averages to reflect the changing seasons, and seasonal water transit is served at the foot of the Magnificent Mile. A seasonal trolley service along the road also serves the Chicago Riverfront Park and Recreation Center and Grand Central Terminal. Located at the end of a side ramp, it is one of only a handful of car parks in the city.

North Michigan Avenue is a six-lane street served by buses that connect the area with the entire Chicago metropolitan area. There are no traffic lights on the north side of the road, except at the intersection of Michigan and Wacker Drive. On Christmas Day, Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse lead a procession from Chicago Riverfront Park and Recreation Center and Grand Central Terminal along North Michigan Drive to Wackers Drive, stopping every block to light up the trees.

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